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Drivers Education the 911 Story

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The 911 Driving School Story

Andrew Finley is a Deputy with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department in Washington State. During the start of the new millennium he had his "light bulb" moment while on patrol duty. He was following a drivers educational vehicle and thought, "why couldn’t I earn some extra money teaching drivers ed?" Police officers and emergency personnel are constantly being trained and retrained to insure they have the most up-to-date information to enforce the law and be safe. One of the many training classes they routinely take is traffic law and enforcement. Considering his fellow officers were always looking for ways to make extra money, drivers education would be a perfect use of their off-duty time.

Andrew's fellow police officers would enjoy making extra money utilizing their training to teach students to drive instead of making a few extra bucks watching the door at basketball games. Parents of students would love the fact that their children, inexperienced in driving, were in the capable hands of police officers. Kids would think it was cool to actually be taught by the police and the community would feel comfortable knowing that they were sharing the road with student drivers sitting next to police officers. He realized there was absolutely no downside to the idea and thus 911 Driving Schools were born.

Since that day, 911 Driving School has fulfilled every goal that Andy envisioned when the "light bulb" went off in his patrol car. Police officers, parents, students and the community all agree that 911 Driving School is the best option available for drivers education. Safety is the cornerstone of any driver education program and the most important safety device in a car is a well trained driver. Police officers and emergency personell see the potential catastrophic results of poor driving and bring instant credibility to students, parents and the community with regard to the serious nature of teaching people how to drive. Whether you are looking for a driver education program or looking to open your own successful driving school business, 911 Driving School is the first, and only, option for you.

Some thoughts from 911 Franchise Owners:

“Law Enforcement Officers see every day the social and economic devastation that poor driving causes. As the owner of Spokane's 911 Driving School we see to it that we only employ officers that have a passion for taking a proactive approach to improving the safety on our roads. We have the commitment to making sure that all students live up to their potential of being safe and responsible drivers”. AJ Seitz

“911 Driving School is a safe place where teens and their families learn about safety first in driver's education from our area’s finest police officers. Our friendly instructors, staff and owners bring the best in quality and customer service to our community every day. It has been a real joy to see how our community has embraced us by referring friends and other family members year after year. It is an honor and pleasure to serve you through our commitment to the best in driver's education”. Jeff Papen